Coffee Vending Machine – The Benefits, The Uses And How To Choose The Right Supplier

Coffee vending machine options come in all shapes and sizes. Is getting a machine for your office something you have thought about? If so, how do you go about calculating whether the benefits outweigh any disadvantages and how to make sure you get the best deal when choosing a company to supply one for your premises? Here, we look at some of the advantages you’ll receive from having a vending machine in your office, as well as listing a few of the important qualities to look for in a supplier of this kind of service. Read on for more information.

How A Coffee Or Snack Vending Machine Can Help Your Business

If you are wondering whether you should get a coffee vending machine for your office or other premises, it’s worth weighing up just a few of the benefits. Think about it: these days, we’re all addicted to our caffeine fix, so if you asked your staff or customers whether they’d support your decision to get one, you’d probably meet with no dissent. And that’s a positive straight off: it may not seem much, but having a machine vending coffee is a definite perk and therefore a boost to morale that can help keep staff happy. And a happy team is a productive one. Productivity brings us onto the second reason. A machine dispenses drinks more quickly than waiting for a kettle to boil, and it’s certainly faster than your staff leaving your premises to head for the nearest coffee shop. That might only save one team member around 20 minutes a day, but when you multiply that by the number of employees you have, you can see how much work time could be saved by having quality coffee dispensed almost instantly on-site. Thirdly, a coffee machine also tends to be a lot less messy than giving staff free reign over a kettle and loose supplies in a kitchen. Drips and spills are largely contained within the machine and there are no coffee granules, sugar and soggy teabags left behind to smear across work surfaces. So cleaning becomes easier too. Coffee vending facilities will rapidly become a favourite with everyone who spends any time on your premises.

Researching Your Options In Coffee Vending Companies

So having decided that getting a machine to vend coffee in your workplace would be a good idea, where do you start? As a busy employer or facilities management representative, your first consideration is probably budget. You don’t want to gain in productivity but have to pay out more than that in expensive hire fees and so on. But many coffee vending machine suppliers will install and maintain the machines free of charge, so before you commit to any particular company, check out whether this is the case. One of your next questions should be whether signing up to a particular company’s services will bind you into a lengthy contract. This might prove undesirable if the machine or its contents turn out to be unpopular, or the company delivering the service is unreliable about refilling or fixing the machine when it’s broken. So, look for a company that doesn’t tie you up in red tape before installing a vending machine. Check what methods of payment the company’s machines will accept. In today’s increasingly cashless society, a machine that accepts contactless payments will probably be a huge benefit and save more time if staff don’t have to scrabble around for change to use the machine. You’re therefore looking for a forward-facing company that keeps abreast of modern technology. Then, consider whether you want to offer free vending to staff or customers. This is usually possible, but find coffee vending companies that will simply invoice you on an ongoing basis for the supplies you’ve used, so not a penny is wasted.

How To Choose The Best Coffee Vending Business To Serve Your Premises

Choosing a good coffee vending business is the key to ensuring you reap the benefits listed above. Staff will quickly get frustrated if the machine is permanently out of order, and what was an asset will become a frustration. So you want a coffee vending machine supplier that offers a great service. This often means hunting down one that is locally based, so you know they are on hand when the machine breaks down. Ask about the timescale for replenishing supplies in the machine, as well as how quickly you can expect an engineer to be on-site if there’s a problem or malfunction. Also look for a business that offers a wide range of machines, so you have a good selection to choose from and end up with the right one for your employees’ requirements. Some machines serve snacks as well as dispensing drinks. Also, flexibility in the supplies that can be added to your order is a good indication of a great supplier. If you can tailor the contents of the machines you order to deliver the right combination of drink and snack options, the machine is more likely to please staff and be in frequent use. Finally, look at the brands served by the machines – are they big names in coffee like Nescafe, Fairtrade, Kenco and Lavazza? Your staff are more likely to get a quality beverage and, therefore, enjoy the machine, if it serves named brands. You can get all this and more if you approach Snack Vending, the biggest supplier of coffee machines in the West Midlands and surrounding areas.

For Great Choice And Even Better Service With A Coffee Vending Machine, Ask Snack Vending

Here at Snack Vending, we have over 20 years of experience in the snack and drink vending industry, so we know our stuff. In fact, we have developed a reputation as being the best in the business in the West Midlands and surrounding areas. With us, the customer is king, so we can discuss your requirements to deliver a coffee vending machine and servicing that will be an asset to your workplace. There is no complicated contract, and our engineers are all locally based, so your machines will never be empty or out of service for long. See more about our services on the website at and then call us to discuss your options on 01217690571.